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CECOM, The Critical Link:

Driving C4ISR Readiness Worldwide

Labor Day: A celebration of the "accountable and responsible" American worker

On September 1st, our country will pause to celebrate Labor Day as a way to pay tribute to the absolute strength of this great nation, "the American worker." ...READ MORE

Multiple missions part of new centralized overhaul process

Two major missions here are now part of a new centralized shelter overhaul process that has been proven to reduce cost, increase quality, and save time and money for customers. ...READ MORE

CECOM SEC TLD Director makes presentation

CECOM SEC TLD Director Ricky Daniels (right) presents Josh Quinlin (Chief,Technical Operations Branch) with certification of his acceptance into the Army Acquisition Corps on 18 August. (photo credit: Leslie Babb) ...READ MORE

CECOM Organizations


To develop, provide, integrate and sustain the logistics and readiness of C4ISR systems and mission command capabilities for joint, interagency and multi-national forces worldwide.


To be the life cycle provider of choice for supporting joint warfighting superiority through world-class, globally networked C4ISR systems.

Commander's Corner

Major General Bruce T. Crawford

To the soldiers, civilians and families of this remarkable command, you honor me with your spirit, you honor me with your energy and you honor me with your passion for service and excellence.  I ask only two things of you: Never take for granted what an honor and privilege it is to serve... know that your Nation adores you because of who you are and what you stand for. And always remember that you are the absolute foundation on which we stand, in this great profession..."the profession of arms."

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