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CECOM, The Critical Link:

Driving C4ISR Readiness Worldwide

CECOM Announces New Strategic Direction

The U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command has published a campaign plan for 2013-2015 which outlines the command's new strategic direction. ...READ MORE

CECOM IUID team makes their mark

The sergeant individually removes each item from its home in the musty warehouse. His Soldiers follow suit and stiffly lug out boxes of night vision goggles toward the team on hand to inspect the equipment. ...READ MORE

CECOM unleashes the dragon

Dragon University, the Communications-Electronics Command's (CECOM) newest Signal University, unofficially opened its doors to students on April 1, 2014, at Fort Bragg, N.C. ...READ MORE

Teufert works metal for the military

Frederick Teufert, sheet metal mechanic leader, uses a dial caliper to get a precise measurement on a bracket for the Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops helmet clip at Tobyhanna Army Depot. ...READ MORE

CECOM Organizations


To develop, provide, integrate and sustain the logistics and readiness of C4ISR systems and mission command capabilities for joint, interagency and multi-national forces worldwide.


To be the life cycle provider of choice for supporting joint warfighting superiority through world-class, globally networked C4ISR systems.

Commander's Corner