Battery Safety

Need MSDS for Batteries? Click the URL and see the detail (PDF format)

We get a lot of phone calls and e-mails looking for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for lithium batteries from DoD personnel all over the world.  So do the battery manufacturers.  Itís a safe bet that many of you have either never heard of the Hazardous Materials Information and Resource System (HMIRS) or just never used it.  If your job requires you to obtain Material Safety Data Sheets, you really need to visit the HMIRS web site.

AKO users can now learn more about  CECOM LCMC lithium sulfur dioxide, Lithium manganese dioxide, and lithium ion batteries by clicking on this link. Battery characteristics, as well as recommendations to safety handle, store, transport, and dispose of these batteries are provided.

Battery Safety Reference Guide (AKO or CAC Login Required)

The CECOM LCMC Directorate for Safety is an active member of the Power Sources Team. We monitor and address safety issues for all batteries (non-rechargeable and rechargeable) managed by CECOM LCMC.

For more information click the following link and open the LRC battery web site


Deadlined CECOM LCMC Batteries


Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable (Secondary) Batteries

"BA" Batteries "BB" Batteries
Storage Storage
Handling Handling
Transportation Transportation
Disposal Disposal
Complete Discharge Device Charging
Safety Messages Safety Messages
Don't Mix Batteries Don't Mix Batteries
Material Safety Data Sheets Material Safety Data Sheets

More detailed information may be obtained by reviewing or ordering a copy of TB 43-0134 as listed below. Click on the HTML link for online review or PDF file for offline viewing.

Battery and Equipment Publications

Technical Bulletin TB 43-0134, Battery Disposition and Disposal, 1 October 1996 (Request AKO Login) PDF
Battery Safety Reference Guide, Rev. A. HTML PDF
Battery Compartment Design Guidelines, TB-7A   PDF
Recommended Items for Battery Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for All Types of Batteries and All Locations HTML PDF
Guidance for Approval & Use of Power Sources HTML PDF
Next Generation Secondary Batteries and the Primary Equivalents HTML PDF
Next Generation Primary Batteries HTML PDF
Operating Procedure, Battery Charging Stations HTML PDF
Battery Charging, Small Facility Safety Guidelines HTML PDF
Safety Guidance for Mobile Charging Facilities HTML PDF
Using Lithium Batteries Safety, A Laminated Pocket Card HTML PDF

Material Safety Data Sheets

Primary (Non-Rechargeable)
Batteries (PDF Format)

Secondary (Rechargeable)
Batteries (PDF Format)

Alkaline Battery Lead-Acid Battery, Sealed
Carbon-Zinc (LeClanche) Battery Lead-Acid Battery, Vented
Lithium-Manganese Dioxide Battery Lithium Ion Battery with Cobalt
Lithium-Sulfur Dioxide Battery, Multiple Cell Nickel-Cadmium Battery, Vented
Lithium-Sulfur Dioxide Battery, Single Cell Nickel-Cadmium Battery, Sealed
Lithium-Thionyl Chloride Battery Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery
Magnesium Battery Silver Battery, Rechargeable, Vented
Mercury Battery  
Silver Battery containing Silver Chloride  
Silver Battery containing Silver Oxide  
 Thermal Battery  



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