Radiation Analysis & Compliance

Radiation Safety Officer Resource and Information Library

This resource provides Department of the Army and Army National Guard radiation safety officers with the following information:
  • NGB/CECOM Inventory Program
  • Regulations/Publications
  • DA Pamphlets
  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • Radioactive Commodity Matrix
  • NRC Licenses and Applications
  • General Licensed Items
  • X-Ray Equipment & Devices
  • TBs, TMs, TRs, Handbook
  • Forms, Signs, & Labels
  • Special Form Certificate
  • RSP Checklist
  • Templates/SOPs
  • Information Papers/Facts Sheets/Tools
  • Training
  • RADCO Register
  • Links to other Web Sites
  • IMPORTANT: Access to this system requires login with a CAC. 
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