Public-Private Partnership Opportunities

Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence

The Secretary of the Army designated CECOM SEC as the Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITE) for C4ISR system software maintenance. The CITE designation authorizes CECOM SEC to establish public-private partnerships (P3) with industry for software sustainment.

A P3 is a cooperative arrangement among CECOM SEC and private sector entities to perform software maintenance. It enables private industry to utilize SEC’s organic industrial base, facilities, and equipment to provide quality, cost-effective software products and services.

Why is P3 Good for Industry?

  • Establishes long-term use agreements
  • Accelerates innovation
  • Decreases capital investment cost
  • Improves product quality
    • Software assurance – code assessments
    • Cybersecurity – malicious code analysis
    • Independent verification and validation
  • Provides access to secure, certified locations/labs
  • Leverages depot expertise and know-how
  • Provides access to a diversified and skilled workforce
  • Contributes to the implementation of industry best business practices
  • Optimizes use of existing resources and capacity

3 Types of Partnerships

Workshare: A government-buying activity, in collaboration with a contractor and an organic product support activity determines the best mix of work.

Direct Sales: An arrangement whereby military and commercial entities enter into a business relationship for the sale of depot maintenance articles to non-government entity.

Lease: An arrangement that allows a private-sector entity to have access to and use of facilities or equipment that are government property.

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